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I have to say as we near the end of our 3 week journey this has been such a game changer for me. I'm 58 years old heading for 59 faster than a speeding freight train and I thought that I would not be able to get this done. Boy was I wrong (thank goodness) I have lost a total of 7 inches 5 pounds and I'm loving how I'm feeling and looking. I look forward to doing my work outs and having my shakes.
So a big thank you to Jackie Douglass Kent for being on swip swap and for offering such a great program.
It's a great day and tomorrow is is even better. Life is good!!



I want to THANK YOU JACKIE for getting me moving again and back on track, eating healthy! I'm so grateful . You are a blessing! I may not post much (busy busy!) but I'm definitely going to continue on this path - and now as a Coach! Yay! 😅 Woot woot!




I lost 10 lbs and 14.75 inches! I have new habits and this was a life changer for me!! Thank you!!!










I can't believe 21 one days has past. What a journey, it has challenged me, kicked my butt, couldn't walk for a couple 3 days, but all in all I'm going to continue exercising everyday it's a lifestyle choice and I'll continue to eat well and track my progress. I've said it before this is a great program and I love it!!!








I'm 35. I set a goal along time ago to be a healthier version of myself. Since then, I've had 5 children, phew, talk about a detour. As I do these clean eating challenges, each time with victories and defeats, I am getting closer to making good choices most of the time rather than sometimes and that is amazing for me. I am soooo tired of having the same goal for years and years. I am tired of letting myself down and tired of feeling guilty about my bad choices. Each day I get closer to meeting my goal and hopefully making a new one. I just want to say that I appreciate Jackie for helping me along.


It's the accountability that works for me. The results were not as significant as I would have liked but that's just me wanting immediate results! I'm impatient smile emoticon Of course I had a few cheats and drinks. I just finished Dirty 30 and I'm going to try to up my weight. On to round 2!!

Wow. That is awesome! Jackie thanks so much for this 5 day clean eating group. It has seriously helped me get focused and back on track with eating properly and making healthier choices! ;)



Jackie you are such cutie!! I enjoy all your posts and love to see how great things are going. You're a natural motivator and very inspirational!! Much happiness to you girl!! 





I am a small business owner and a Director for a a global IT organization. Plus a husband and 2 kiddos. I am the poster child for no time left in my schedule. The program is a great fit for me as long as I prep in advance and 30 min workouts are perfect.










I also have to say I am definitely seeing a difference. And some people are noticing it. So, I am definitely pumped!

I'm still a work in progress. When I'm really not feeling like working out, I see one of your posts on FB and it helps to motivate me. I feel like if you can stay motivated, I can make an effort! I just try to keep moving and stop sitting.










I'm married with 1 kid who is a senior in high school. I am a nurse and a part time student. About 6 months ago I was really struggling with my weight and I knew I needed to make some changes in my life, but I didn't know where to begin. I was introduced to clean eating and Beachbody about 6 months ago and I haven't looked back. Beachbody, the accountability groups, and my coach have helped motivate me to stay on track and make healthy choices for me and my family! 
Here is a transformation picture of where I began 6 months ago and where I am now. I am down 50lbs and although I am still a work in progress, I have never felt better! 


Here's a message I received from my Challenger after just 8 days into our program. "Good morning, I'm down 10 pounds! No turning back!"


My life has changed tremendously since I joined 21 day fix. I'm eating healthier I have more energy than before. I went shopping today and bought a beautiful summer dress; few weeks ago no way! I've lost close to 12 pounds between watching what I eat, exercising (30 minutes beach body on demand)and teaching my cycle classes. I will be starting my 3rd week into the program and I will join Jackie Douglass Kent next 21 day group that starts in May. I tried many diets and none of them worked! Beach body really works! If I could do it I know you out there can!


Week two- only down 1 additional lb but another 5.8 inches! Wow! I am amazed! Total of 10.5 inches in 2 weeks and I believe most of that is due to nutrition! Don't get me wrong I am working out hard and pushing through some tough workouts but the eating healthy is making a huge difference! Thanks again Jackie Douglass Kent! The meal plans are really making a difference in my life! 😃😃😃😃


I have really enjoyed this group! Even though I was on vacation the last 8 days of my 21, I managed to lose 5.3 pounds in my first round. I was naughty and didn't do my measurements-- but I'm starting round 2 and am for sure going to record them. You all were very motivating and helped keep me focused and on track! I need the accountability! Glad to see some familiar faces in the Summer Slim Down! I'm ready to go again!


Well ladies, today is our last day and I've loved this group. It's (you've) been my favorite! Hope you're moving to the next group! I went ahead and took my measurements today and I lost 13.25 inches! And when I put my belt in this morning I needed go up three holes! 

I kind of posted my results and speech yesterday. Lol! I lost 13.25 inches and no weight at all. Dropped a dress size and tightened my belt three holes! This was a super inspiring group! I loved the way that we connected. I can't believe that I've worked out for 22 days straight! 😮 I just keep reminding myself when I come to, what I perceive as a limit, to push past it. I've done it every time, and so far I'm feeling great and I feel good about myself because of my commitment! Let's jump in the next group with both feet and take all of our positive vibes to it! We got this!


I am down 4 pounds and 11 inches over all. Love the accountability of this group. Now on to the next group to keep losing this baby weight!


This was my second round and I'm excited to share I'm down 3.7 more pounds and 6.5 inches! In 42 days that puts me at 8.5 pounds! I'm getting so close to my goal! I'm not brave enough for a before after pic yet... But I did notice some arm muscle poking out around my shoulders that I haven't ever seen before! I'm most proud of getting healthier and stronger. For me I just want to feel my best and be the best me I can be. I'm not perfect, and so I decided I can't get down on myself for not being a perfect poster on daily accountability.... I would definitely like to do better with that! I love shakeology and the way it makes me feel! I went a week without it and totally noticed a huge difference! I really keep motivated by these groups and the ideas and progress you all post! I'm thankful for the questions you answer for me as well!!!! I'm planning on challenging myself with 21 Day Fix Extreme on the next go round!!!! Thank you Jackie for being such a great coach and cheerleader!


I am happy with the fact that I have been able to stick to it. Shakeology 5+ Times per week and exercising 3+ times per week, not to mention the meals and staying away from fast foods. Today my daughter asked to hold her ice cream cone and I had NO desire to sneak a bite.


I weighed and measured yesterday at the 2 week point. I'm down 7 pounds and 8.5 inches! :D ~happy dance~


Well I'm proud in this 2 weeks I lose 6.5 pounds and 6 inches its been like 5 years that Wasn't see that number on the scale that I'm very proud of myself in 2 months now I lose 17 pounds so far might be slow but every single step will be worth it.


I'm grateful for this group and all the support and motivation! I'm also so happy to share this with my kids as they join me in a lot of workouts and the whole way through tell me I'm doing great! It's definitely the best thing for them to learn.


Hi Jackie I just wanted to let you know that I received the pre-workout and what a difference it has made for me. OMG it took away my post workout drowsiness as well as allowed me to power through. I think that was the missing ingredient. Thanks so much for your post!!


Hi, Jackie! I am totally amazed by the new will power that I have! I think the shakes are the key! I have lost 10 pounds! My husband said it is really showing in my hips, which has always been my trouble area! Still have to improve on water consumption & committing myself to the workout over anything else going on, but I am a work in progress & we are getting there!


I am loving the 80 Day Workout Group! Been doing my workouts every morning before work. I could already tell a difference, so I thought I would weigh this morning. I have lost 14 lbs since last Monday. I am so pumped! I have missed a couple of Love Your Abs workouts, so I'm catching up on those today.  I'm loving BOD! Thank you for your motivation and help!


Hi Jackie! Thanks for getting back to me! I would like more information on this. I think for now though I am going to concentrate on doing what I've been doing....Shakeology and the video workouts. The rest of May, June and July will be crazy busy with the boys out of school, vacations and business travel. But, more information would be great and I can look into that maybe in August. However, I did want to tell you that since I started doing the BeachBody stuff, I have lost 4 inches around my waist! That is unbelievable! I've lost about 5 or 6 pounds on the scale, but I think it's because I'm gaining muscle. I can tell a huge difference in my energy level and I actually am making time to work out now. I was not good about logging all my days in the Challenge App as you know, so apologies for that...but I am so glad I started doing this program! My kids even join me in some of the work out's become a family affair!!


It's all thanks to you, I was yoyo dieting and all kinds of things before you came along and showed me something different. Seeing you, a busy mom and wife too and you get up and handle it like the BOSS QUEEN that you are. I say to myself if she can do it there's no reason why I can't. I've seen results in you and so many others and people have seen it in me but, I have yet to reach my goal so thank you for your dedication and being a great motivator to me and so many others. And yes this is a journey not a destination so I'm going to keep going forward with you as my coach. Thank you Jackie!


Last night when I was preparing for ed and shower I was remembering that last year I was frustrated because even I was in my weight, I didn't feel fit and most of the time tired but this year I was so proud of myself because incle July 9 I have been exercising everyday no matter where we are and started lifting weights too.  This morning my husband saidI look younger and more beautiful than years ago.  Thank you Jackie for helping me and making this birthday special.