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What Helped My Nail Infection

I hate my feet 🦶 but I’m so excited that I can finally go out in public for the first time ever in about 15 years without toenail polish on!!! Ugh....they need to breathe!! I got a nail infection way back when (probably from a pedi) and I’ve been to multiple doctors, used OTC meds, vinegar soaks, etc. My big toenails always hurt and sometimes keep me up at night throbbing. I’ve had to keep my toes painted bright or dark colors 24/7 to mask the black and green nails. It was painful and extremely embarrassing!!!😱


I FINALLY got it laser treated a few months ago and it worked!!! They finally grew out free and clear from infection!!


Now with this said, I’m scared to death to get a pedicure ever again

In a salon!! I love and miss them so much, but is there anywhere “safe” and how do you know they’re clean??

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