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Weight Loss Transformation

Katie didn't need to lose a lot of weight, but after her 3rd baby, she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. She put everyone else's needs first and assumed she's was doomed to have a "mommy body" forever.

Katie loved to dance, so she decided to give our dance workouts a try. We had an awesome hip hop inspired cardio dance workout routine that makes exercise fun!!! Shawn T helps break down the moves in a way that anyone can master them.

Katie danced away 8 lbs in only 30 days and toned her body. All it took was this program that has an easy-to-maintain nutrition guide and the support of her challenge group.

🔸I have a few of my challengers doing the same thing right now and I can't wait to see their results in a couple more weeks!!! If anyone wants to join the fun with us, we begin again on Sept. 9! Just let me know! 🔸

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