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Make Money from Home

Here is MY WHY:

I have almost always been a stay-at-home mom, so we don’t necessarily NEED the extra income! That’s not why I started Coaching Virtual Fitness Groups. I started because I wanted something I could do for myself. I take care of my husband, my kids, my pet, my house, but I wanted something MORE that I could do to make a difference. I wanted to make a difference in my life and lives of other people! Some people think that I’m a Coach because its a natural fit as a Personal Trainer. That is how I found about the business, but it’s definitely not required. Very few Coaches on our Team are Personal Trainers.

I’m not even an expert in nutrition. Everything I need to know is given to me and I’m learning some great info as I teach others. What I am is a SUPPORT SYSTEM, CHEERLEADER, and MOTIVATOR! Hey, it’s nice to be part of a BIG TEAM where I am also held accountable everyday with my own workouts and nutrition. If I know I have to check in with my group, I’m not going to eat the crap I used to eat!

Extra income is just the Icing on the cake in this business, because if I didn’t really love it, I wouldn’t still be here almost 6 years later! 😃 I enjoy my free time and like I said, I don’t have to work! However, it really is nice to have the flexibility to have some extra spending money for our family! If I want something for myself or my family, I don’t even hesitate anymore. What a relief the feeling of financial freedom can give you! I’m not rich…..YET…..but hey, it all adds up!!!

If anyone wants to learn more about what we do as Coaches, I would love to talk to you. We even have a Sneak Peak coming up Wednesday! Click below to check it out or be a fly on the wall! Tag someone here you think would benefit from this also! 😃

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