Is My Shake Worth it?

Is my shake worth it?

Absolutely! ๐Ÿ˜Š Let me break it down for you.

โœ” It tastes awesome.....chocolate deliciousness.

โœ” It's the most nutrient dense meal I can put in my body. It's all real foods - no synthetic chemicals like found in multivitamins or most other shakes. This means my body recognizes it and can USE it for energy! 70+ superfoods sustainably grown around the world.

โœ” It's my afternoon "treat" that keeps me out of the pantry and full until dinner!

โœ” For $3/meal, something that includes the entire mineral and nutrient base for the day, along with probiotics --> cost efficient.

โœ” While I like to think that our style of eating is great, sometimes it's far from perfect. This helps me know that I'm covering all the bases -- and getting 5 servings of veggies in a glass!

โœ” It cuts my sugar cravings, aids in digestion and boosts my energy. (I no longer crave chocolate a night! This is a major WIN!!)

โœ” No soy, no fake sugar, no "chemical yuck"

Want to try some? Comment below with your email and I'll get you a sampler pack coming your way. It's a game changer for your health, energy and nutrition!

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