I’m Not Perfect

Yes...I have just as many of insecurities as the rest of you guys!


Sometimes I get caught up in posting about me only doing the good stuff....exercising, eating healthy, and having fun! Life isn’t perfect.......and I am far from perfect!!


🔹I delete most of the photos I take and edit almost every photo I post.

🔹 I won’t go out without my makeup on.....unless it’s something outdoors and my sunglasses are staying on. 😎

🔹 I stress about making sure everyone is happy.

🔹 I worry way too much about what I say and how people think of me.

🔹 I eat a bowl of ice cream almost every evening. 🍨

🔹 I stress out really bad when my house is messy.

🔹 I get lost in endless to-do lists and procrastinate doing the harder things.

🔹 I don’t see good in everyone automatically and it takes me a little bit to earn their trust.


However, I do want to help as many people I can on this planet and strive to be my very best most.....most of the time!!❤️

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