How to Workout and Stay Germ-Free

With the spread of the flu and corona virus, you still need to keep up your exercise routine! This will help your immune system stay at tip top shape and better off fight away the germs!

However, there are some steps you can still take to keep you germ-free while still getting in a great workout!

1. Wipe down the equipment with alcohol wipes before you use it, paying attention to the handles and anywhere someone may touch.

2. Don’t high 5 or shake hands right now. Instead, do a wave, nod, or elbow bump.

3. Don’t touch your face or mouth at all while in the gym.

4. Be sure your gym is pro-active and thoroughly cleaning all the equipment daily.

5. Wash your hands immediately after your done and then also use hand sanitizer as soon as you get in your car.

6. Take your workouts outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and take in some good ole vitamin D right now, Walk, jog, take up tennis, or take your kids to the park and play like a kid!!

If this seems too daunting and doesn’t really work for you, consider doing what I do and follow an amazing home workout program!! I can hook you up with some amazing samples to try!!❤️

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