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Happy New Year!!!🎆

Omg the last big push of the hardest 6 week workout program I have ever committed to at home!!💪 We had to do 100 reps of 8 different exercises: pushups, lunges, Arnold presses, etc. My biggest challenge was the last exercise::::100 slider burpees!!! I have been dreading this one for weeks now but I knew it was coming! I worked my butt off to get to this point and I wasn’t going to quit NO MATTER WHAT!! It hurt. It burned. I was breathless. I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t let myself!! I was a little behind them on the video, but I pushed through and made it to 💯 🎊 🌟👍😍

This is a sense of accomplishment and it’s how we grow stronger!! Are you doing something to always challenge yourself mentally and physically?

Now for the new challenge of mine is my brand new Barre Pilates from home!!! So excited to take on a new adventure!!😀 Register here:

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