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Haley’s Transformation!!

🎉Check out Hayley’s progress photos🎉

“Being a mom can be hard, but being a mom with zero confidence was crippling.

I had no energy, no goals, and avoided public outings at all costs for fear of being seen or not being able to catch my breath.

I was miserable but tried my best to hide my tears in order to get through my days being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and employee.

So many people told me, ‘Don’t worry about the baby weight, it will come off.’ Yet just a few weeks after having my third son I actually started gaining more weight!

My sons inspired me to start my transformation journey. I saw them playing and laughing and I longed to be able to chase after them and enjoy their energy in the same way my husband was able to.

I was sick of sitting on the sidelines or staying home because of how I felt.

My husband also inspired me. He has loved me no matter my size. He’s encouraged me and stood by me, and even joined me in my struggles.”

Hayley’s Transformation........

“I liked that you can do these programs wherever you are, any time of day! I had no excuses anymore and that was key for me.

Being in a Beachbody Group kept me motivated on the days I didn’t want to show up. I was part of a community of people going through similar walks of life and they were showing up!

The Group really helped me cut the excuses and push toward my goals. I committed to them out loud to others who were also working toward their goals and encouraging me along the way.”

Hayley’s Life, After.........

“I’m the ME I dreamed of being! I know what confidence is and feel it growing more and more every day!

I’m proud to say that I’m more patient and have more quality moments with my family. I no longer hear that voice in the back of my head questioning if my clothes fit right, or telling me to pull down my shirt when I sit — those doubts are gone.

I’m truly living and seeing the beauty and what an adventure life can be!

The fitness and nutrition programs and Groups are a lifestyle, not a quick fix — and it’s a lifestyle I’m loving and living with success.”

Congrats Hayley!!! We are so proud of you!!!👍❤️⭐️💪

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