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Free 14 Days!

If your fitness routine 💪🏼 is affected by all this craziness, feel free to drop your email and I can set you up with 2 weeks free of Beachbody on Demand.

You will get to try out a barre class, new kickboxing, yoga, weights, you name it, anything to help you release some stress or continue on your fitness path while most gyms are closing down.

⚠️NO strings attached if you don’t like it you can cancel it anytime - in full transparency you will have to put in your cc just like any other free trial, but yoou will be charged nothing unless you decide too keep it longer than 2 weeks⚠️

I’ll add you to my virtual gym community and you’ll also get access to my resource hub with meal plans and other ladies just like you to keep us all going and feel like you are at the gym working out with friends.

If you try it out and decide your like it we can chat about the best way to keep it going for you ❤

Drop your email or Message me if you want me to set it up today for you. 💌

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