Former Gym Junkie

I never ever thought I’d enjoy working out from home! I used to be a gym seriously 1 1/2-2 hours a day for years. I did this from my college years up until just a few years ago and got into a horrible obsessive cycle! And then my friend talked me into giving home workouts a try. I was totally against it!! I did it half*** at first and did them after I went to the gym or if I just couldn’t make it to the gym that day.

Then it happened!!!!! I started seeing and feeling progress! I started getting better results in only 30-45 mins a day! BOOOYAAA!!🤩 I finally started trusting the process and totally quit my gym membership!

Nope...I don’t have any fancy equipment at home. Just a few sets of weights, some bands, a mat, AND most importantly.....these amazing top notch workout programs that aren’t repetitive and give me REAL RESULTS!!! 🌟

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