Do you do Yoga?

Here’s a little Yoga education for you:

Downward-facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) is one of the best-recognized and most-often-demonstrated poses in Western culture. When performed strategically, this pose is a great strength builder for shoulders, abdominals, spinal erectors, hip flexors and ankles. It is also an inversion (head below heart), which adds to its complexity, owing to the influences of ground forces (gravity) and friction.

Downward-facing dog involves the mechanical relationships between shoulders, trunk, hips and knees.

The pose uses all these joints:

*ankle (dorsiflexion)

*knee (extension)

*hip (flexion)

*trunk (extension

*shoulder (flexion/upward rotation)

*elbow (extension)

*wrist (extension with pronation, palms to floor)

The common goal of downward-facing dog is to achieve a 90-degree angle at the hip. Many participants will not be able to achieve this much range because of a combination of the structure of the joints involved, the degree of participation of muscles supporting those joints, and the lever lengths of the upper and lower extremities.

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