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Another Great After!

Tamarah lost 40 lbs. with our Challenge! She was formerly so busy with work and the kids, that she didn't even step on the scale when her clothes got tighter. She turned to sweatpants for her daily wardrobe.

She finally decided to step up and do something about it. With our Challenge, she learned what to eat, great new recipes, and she also learned to fit in exercise! It was only 30 mins. a day....anyone can find that time, right?

Tamarah's Challenge Group held her accountably each and every day and that's what's so important when life just gets in the way sometimes. She now has so much more energy, her clothes fit amazing, and she lives a much healthier lifestyle! Congrats again, girl!

We are looking forward to lots more of these transformations in the New Year!! Let me know ASAP if you still want to join us! Space is limited!

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