New Year's Fitness Group

"New Year New You!" 2018 Fitness Challenge Group Kicks Off January 8, 2018. Do you have all these New Years Resolutions and Goals with no guidance to achieve them? I'm looking for 15 ladies who are ready to go all out and change their health with me for the New Year! Can you give me just 30-60 mins a day for 80 days? I want those who really really want this and don't want to put themselves and their health on the back-burner anymore! It's so easy to do with everything going on but everyone has 45 minutes a day, so NO EXCUSES, right? So here's the are going to have an EXACT workout program that is going to show you EXACTLY what to do to get you the RESULTS...then I'm going to give you tons of meal plans and nutritional support. On top of that, you will get that color-coded portion control container system that I've been doing that shows you HOW MUCH protein/fats/carbs to eat each meal. It's full proof. As long as you meet me halfway and commit and put forth the effort, we will get you to your goals for the NEW YEAR!!! We start January 8. I'm only taking the first 15 people until January 1 and then we are closed down for another month so don't wait!!


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