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New Year New You

My mission in 2018 is to help 100 people find and LIVE the most confident, healthy, and fulfilling lives possible. All aspects of life too -- not just weight loss and health! Mindset, fulfillment, self love, Long term changes, no short term diets or quick fixes!

One year. $170

▪️You'll have an ALL ACCESS PASS - to EVERY PROGRAM that we have to offer (hundreds), including Deluxe workouts and EVERY NEW PROGRAM release in 2018. This includes Core de Force, the program I've personally trimmed down a lot with and every program Lauren used to get results like this too! It also includes our BRAND NEW 80 DAY PROGRAM for the New Year!!!

You'll get my annual client support ALL YEAR -- through the times where you really want to LEAN OUT (before summer/boat season, a big event), or times where you just want to stay healthy and maintain. This includes:

▪️Full meal plans and customized nutrition, including an awesome cooking show and loads of meals and snacks from an online library - that you can access from your phone, iPad or laptop. ▪️Immediate, 24/7 Access to every program as soon as it's launched. ▪️Streaming from any DEVICE at ANY TIME - smart phone, tablet, computer or to your TV with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire ▪️One month supply of my favorite superfood meal of the day (also known as my chocolate treat everyday)! ▪️ A set of portion control containers (which all of the recipes and meal plans and cooking show work from)! This makes meal planning for the entire family super easy! ▪️ A WHOLE YEAR of me as your coach and accountability wing-woman! Including a guaranteed spot in my January LEAN OUT group starting 1/15 (with a 3-Day Cleanse or prep week starting 1/8)!!

I've seen over and over again how these programs, accountability, simple nutrition, and consistency of just showing up everyday CHANGES LIVES. It's drastically changed my life and this year is about paying it forward and empowering others to see they can do it too!

2017 can be your best year yet -- so what's stopping you from making it happen? Forget the gym!!! It's time to give something you've never tried before a chance!


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