Nicole Lost 58 Lbs.

New mom, Nicole, was desperate to lose weight! She developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and she was at a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later on. Feeling sluggish, unhappy, and self-conscious, Nicole didn’t know what to do. Years of fad dieting never brought her any success, and the she thought the only way to lose the weight was to drastically cut calories and cut out all carbs — NOT a sustainable path! Nicole was spiraling downhill until she decided to give our program a try. She learned how important portion control is to correcting her old habits. She lost 10 lbs in the first 21 days and decided to stick with it to see what happens. Nicole used her living room as her “exercise room” and streamed our workouts all online. She was a busy full-time working mama, and she managed to fit in her workouts everyday either early in the morning or late at night. Over time, it became a habit and a new lifestyle change! One year later, Nicole went to the dr for her routine exams and got some great news!!! Not only did she lose 58 lbs, but she was no longer a risk for diabetes!! Getting healthy changed her entire life with so much positive results. She has so much more energy, sleeps better, has better relationships with her friends and family, she no longer hides at parties. She is self-confident and here’s the best thing....she no longer obsesses over what she’s going to eat or what weight what loss trick she should try next!

Congrats Nicole!!! We are so proud of your success!!

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