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Fall Fitness Group

Listen... I know pretty soon we will start to bundle up a bit more now that we are rolling into FALL, but let's all agree to hold each other accountable and not get caught rocking the "pumpkin" on the left! I thought a lot about what is most IMPORTANT to me in the fall -- and what TEMPTATIONS hit the HARDEST & am designing my October accountability group around JUST THAT!!! #1 - SURVIVING TAILGATE SEASON! #2 - Healthy ALTERNATIVES to the typical Holiday TREATS that taste so good that I don't feel like I am MISSING OUT! #3 - Ways to ENJOY {PUMPKIN SPICED} goodness -- WITHOUT having to sacrifice my skinny jeans! #4 - Feeling CONFIDENT in pictures with my kids so that we can look back on those memories for years and years to come! #5 - Being surrounded (virtually) with a supportive and encouraging FIT FAM that makes the journey THAT MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE! YES! I love comfy sweater weather... and I love a tasty pumpkin spiced treat... but the feeling of having ENERGY to give my BEST in life, the CONFIDENCE in knowing I am taking care of myself and setting an example for my girls... those things RAIN SUPREME & will remain my TOP priority REGARDLESS of the season! I know I can have the BEST of BOTH WORLDS with some small tweaks -- SO here is an invite to join along WITH me so that I can be your Fall "WING-WOMAN" and help you get a PERKY PUMPKIN you can rock proudly this holiday season! Hahaha! You game?!!

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