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Check Out this Hot Mama!

49 year old Shannon lost 16.5 lbs. with our workout program and nutrition plan! She wished more women would drop the fear of "bulking up" and realize that building muscle is their answer. "If you have parts that jiggle, and you want to firm up -- lift weights!"

Shannon drank too much alcohol, gained 15 lbs, and felt tired all the time. She was at the point of despair, frustration, and fear about where her life was heading. She was not who she wanted to be.

When Shannon decided to totally quit drinking alcohol and eating healthy and clean, for the first time in her life, she became empowered. This particular strength training program she did made her muscles pop and for the first time ever she liked the way her legs looked.

Shannon used to be a "gym rat" and she thought she'd miss the camaraderie you get at the gym. The online challenge group atmosphere gives us all so much more personal supper and accountability from others who are in similar journeys.

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