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Last Call for Home Bootcamp!

I'm looking for 3 more ladies to join our brand new online Bootcamp group that begins on July 24! I want some ladies who are serious and dedicated to transforming their lives. This program just got released and I've done a couple of the workouts, but I'm making myself hold back now and wait for you guys so we can all start together! 😊 These workouts are only 25-45 mins a day and can be done from home with no to very little equipment! A brand new menu is included and our small personalized group is dedicated to keeping everyone accountable!⭐️ I've been leading groups for over 2 1/2 years now and these test group results were AMAZING. I'm holding my very own test group for this new program and now is your time to shine!!! Let's do this! Please register on the form below if you're super dedicated and ready to transform your life! I want to dedicate this group to working 1 on 1 with only those of you who are serious this time! No Excuses to rock this out!!! Come on....last chance for summer program!


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