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Lisa Lost 39.5 Pounds

Lisa let herself go after her pregnancy. She used to be healthy and fit. and then after her baby she got on a downward spiral of eating whatever she wanted. She was just so upset with herself and embarrassed by the way she looked. The beginning of her journey was a little tough and then she started noticing small weekly changes. More clothes were starting to fit. She was happier and more confident. Lisa loved that her workouts are only 30 mins. She did them at home while her son was sleeping. It was perfect because she didn't need to find a babysitter and drive to a gym everyday. Lisa felt like a totally different person than she did when she started her journey. She dropped down to a size 6 and can proudly say that one year later now, and she has maintained her healthy lifestyle. It's just a way of life for her now. Congrats Lisa!!! We are all so proud of you and your success!!!


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