Amanda Lost 71.6 Pounds. See Her Results!

Amanda lost 71.6 lbs. with a variety of our workout and Shakeology in only 10 months! Amanda is a mom of 2 and had the hardest time dropping the weight after baby #2. She worked full time, ran around with her older son's sporting activities, took care of her newborn, and just let herself go. She made poor food choices and exercise was nowhere in her vocabulary. She had no energy, hated the way she looked, and never wanted to be in pictures. Amanda was ready to make a change because diabetes runs in her family and especially because she and her husband had a cruise to look forward to last august! She got hooked up with a Challenge Group like ours and she finally began making changes in her life she was so happy that there was no counting calories, no counting points, and she was able to eat REAL food. She also loved that her workouts were only 39 minutes a day and great for a beginner. Her online group made it easier for her thanks to all of the amazing support of everyone working towards similar goals! Amanda has now completed 6 of our workout programs since then and loves that she can take them with her on business trips to do in her hotel room. She went from a size 14 to a 4, lost over 70 lbs, and 53 inches!!!! She has made this a new lifestyle and looks forward to working out everyday and eating healthy is the norm for her now!! Congrats Amanda!!!

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