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Fun Facts About Gym Memberships

- When you consider that gyms are inundated in January year after year, this is a truly amazing stat: 80 percent who joined a gym in January 2015 quit within five months.

- Resolution seekers crowd the gyms in January and — like clockwork — are gone by February (in fact, 4 percent of new gym goers don’t even make it past the end of January and 14 percent drop out in February).

- In the case of gym memberships, women are more commitment phobic than men. The genders are roughly a 50-50 split in terms of who gets memberships, but guys have the edge when it comes to how many of them put theirs to work. Among those who joined a gym and dropped out within the first year, women accounted for 14 percent versus just 8 percent for men.

- Only about half of the members actually go on a regular basis. In 2015, only about half of the existing members visited the gym 100 times or more during the year.
- People who do go are paying more than they should. People who opt for the least cost efficient membership will actually go to the gym more frequently than those who pay less over the long term.
- Most people think that because they start working out, they can maintain the same old eating habits. If you want to see a true transformation, this starts with your diet. 80% of good health is proper nutrition.
- People are more likely to stick with their program if someone is holding them accountable every single day. Most gyms don't have the personalization and if you don't go, no one really pays attention anyway.
If you have tried the gym scene with no success in the past, what will make it different this January??? That is what you need to ask yourself.
If you're ready to be held accountable everyday, make healthy food choices, AND ready to SUCCEED this year, please sign up for our New Years Challenge. It's all done in the comfort of your own home and in a small group online with ladies all working towards similar goals. You'll have access to 400 different workouts, but specialized to meet your specific goals. We will provide the grocery list, recipes, and everything you need to make 2017 the most successful year ever!!


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