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Thinking about doing 3-Day Refresh (or ANY cleanse?) Here's some benefits you NEED to know about


Thinking about doing a cleanse? If you’ve never done one before, it’s good to do your research. Though be forewarned: A quick Google search might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed thanks to the abundance of “information” out there. Here is a break down the basics of a cleanse, what it is, what it’s not. Here are some helpful tips to help you succeed! Why Do a Cleanse? “There’s a ton out there in the media about what cleanses and detoxes are and what they’re supposed to do, but at Beachbody, a cleanse is really about putting clean burning fuel into your body to allow it to do the work it’s supposed to do. it’s not a time for starvation, it’s not a liquid diet, and it’s not the Master Cleanse — it’s meant to provide the best fuel for your body to better focus on its natural processes. That’s the driving force behind Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, a 21-day program that uses whole foods and supplements and focuses on mind and body wellness. This program is all about putting our attention on whole ingredients that are easier for us to digest, so our bodies can work on letting go of some of the other things it needs to get rid of. It also focuses on the whole body, so it incorporates tips relating to exercise, relaxation, and sleep. The idea is to reset our whole selves over the course of 21 days…. at the beginning of a cleanse your energy levels might dip for a few days because your body is still adjusting to a new eating schedule, but towards the end of a program, you’ll find that you have more energy. Those feelings often lead to new and improved eating habits. If a weekend commitment sounds more realistic for you than three weeks, there’s Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh. It’s great for those who are looking to get back on the wagon after a big weekend, or if it’s summertime and you’ve been having too much ice cream. It’s a smart way to jumpstart you into gear and into a healthier diet plan… if you’re eating well consistently for three days, at the end of that you’re going to feel so much better and probably won’t want to go out immediately after and order that cheeseburger,” she says. “It can be effective in curbing cravings, and at the very least, you’re treating your body really well for three days.” The same goes for the Ultimate Reset. Want some more info on my next Cleanse? Please register here: REGISTER

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