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Take the Beachbody Health Bet

Friends! I need your help! You know I've been running FB Challenge Groups for almost 2 years now, but Beachbody put a new app out for our Challengers and I'm ready to test it out with you guys. Think MyFitnessPal but more FUN! Here's the the best part?! You'll be participating in the Beachbody Health Bet with me and just for checking in with your workouts and nutrition on a weekly basis, you'll qualify for your share of the $1-$3 million dollar pot. I know money motivates me to stay on track! * Want to start getting in better shape but have been putting it off? * Want to dust off that old program and need motivation? * Need accountability and want to mix it up? Oh, and if it's a terrible experience and you don't get a solid jump start on reaching your goals, I'll even help you return everything. Even if your Shakeology bag is empty. You won't be stuck with a fitness program or shake you don't love - promise! Let's do this! Email me at or click on the following link to register:


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