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Amanda Lost 105 Lbs. the Healthy Way!

Amanda lost a whopping 105 lbs with our program!!! Before Amanda started the challenge, she was stressed, sad, and overworked. She turned to food for comfort and that turned into a viscous cycle. She began doing 21 Day Fix with our groups and was so excited that the 30 minute workouts were easy to fit into her schedule, but challenging enough to transform her. The program changed Amanda physically and mentally. She credits the online challenge group for constant support and motivation. She even makes few great friends in her group! "Shakeology has changed my entire life! I have noticed so many changes in my health since drinking it daily! One huge one is cravings. I don't crave anything horrible for men in fuller for so much longer. I have more energy that I've ever had in my life! I also sleep so much better!" She has whole new positive perspective on life and can't imagine any other way now. Congrats on your success, Amanda!!!!


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