Beachbody Results: Pam Lost 45 Pounds and Won $500!


Pam lost 45 lbs with Challenge Groups like ours!!! Pam was tired all the time and lacked the energy to play with her kids. All she wanted to do was come home from work and watch tv all afternoon. She was ashamed of her pictures and didn't feel comfortable at all. After weighing herself last year, she was shocked and started her weight-loss journey the very next day. She found many of our workouts that were fun and easy to stick with. This made her look forward to exercising daily. Pam also drinks Shakeology every morning and she credits that to all her natural energy everyday. She's now able to workout in the morning, work all day, play with her kids, take walks with the family, cook, and still have enough energy to do things around the house. She started running and competing in some 5ks, 10ks, and even finished 2 half marathons!!! Congrats Pam on your amazing success!!

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