Lexi, You'll Be in Our Hearts FOREVER!

7-27-16 With a saddened heart, I write this. A member of our family passed away last night. Our Lab, Lexi, was 14 years old and she really was FAMILY. So many memories, so many great times. There are just so many right now scrambling around my mind that I have a hard time even processing it. My disclaimer here is that I'm just writing how I feel right now. It's so emotional that it's difficult to process. I want to right how I feel, because I don't want to share how special Lexi was to our family. We got Lexi when she was the cutest little 8 week old puppy. She was the most playful puppy of the litter and we fell in love quick. I'll never forget bringing her home to our 2 oldest kids, who were then 4 and 6 years old. That dog gave them so much joy and happiness from day 1. She was a handful at first, eating shoes, ripping shirts, pouncing on doors, and barking. Once we taught her who was boss, she was the lost protective and lovable dog I've ever seen. Then, a little less than a year later, we had Our 3rd child, Carson. She protected Carson like you wouldn't believe. She laid by his crib, next to him on the floor, and wherever he went, Lexi went. Lexi didn't leave our sides....ever. When we swam, she swam or laid right by the pool watching. When we ate, she was right there watching. When we had birthdays and holiday gatherings, she never left our sides. She always slept in one of the kids beds for many years, until she could no longer climb the stairs. She was so determined and even when she shouldn't be climbing stairs, she somehow managed to hop up there. We decided to get a friend for Lexi 8 years ago. Molly is a sweet little Havanese who just wanted to play and bother Lexi all the time. By then, Lexi was already set in her ways and didn't want too much to do with Molly. But Lexi knew Molly was now a member of our family too. She put up with Molly licking her ears, jumping all over her, trying to race to get her food, etc. Lexi just gave into a lot Of crap with a new puppy. They soon became best buddies and never left each other's sides. They'd cuddled together at night and you could just tell they grew to really care for each other. They were sisters. We'd complain about all the fur and upkeep with 2 dogs, but I wouldn't trade the life we shared as a family with anything in the world. I'd take the shedding, the clean ups, the early morning awakenings any day to have what I miss so much. Lexi was the healthiest dog I've ever known. She never was rarely sick and pretty much only went to the vet for routine checkups and shots. Age just finally got the best of her. 14 is old for a lab and her quality of life wasn't what it used to be. She seemed so happy on the outside, yet she was suffering on the inside. She tried to hide it with that tail wag, but you could just tell that the time was near. 7-28-16 I went for a walk on the beach this morning and so many dogs were out playing and walking through the water. Lexi loved water and loved the pool. She never had a chance to go to the beach though because taking 3 kids and a big wet lab home in the car always seemed too stressful. Now, I'd give anything for a walk on the beach with her. If I could only turn back time and just have a wet dog in the car right now......Just to be able to run and play with Lexi one more time. Lexi's memory will be with me in my heart forever. We outlive dogs and we get a pet knowing we will eventually come to this reality. We just don't realize how difficult this is until the time comes. It's 100x worse than I ever thought it would be. She was a family member....our child.....our baby! This really sucks. 7-29-16 As of tonight, our kids now all know. They were away in college and wanted to wait and tell them in person. This has been the most difficult news to break 3 different times now. I can't stop crying every time I think about that sweet dog! The kids took it pretty rough. They knew the time was coming, yet never expected it to really ever be "the time". Lexi was such a close part of their lives and shared so much with them. It still doesn't seem real that we had to say goodbye. When will it get easier? When will her memory bring a smile on our faces before a tear to our eyes??? Tomorrow would've been Lexi's 14th Birthday! All I can ask for is for her to be living a pain free life in Heaven and watch over our kids forever. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Lexi and R.I.P. Sweet Dog!!! You will always hold a special place in our hearts! We love you very much and always will!!! 7-30-16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXI!!! We ❤️ You!!!

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