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Find Out How This Mom Lost 33.2 Pounds!

Deanna has turned her life around and kept it off over the past 18 months! She lost 33 lbs. and went down a size 14/15 to a size 2. Deanna has always been thin and never had to workout when she was young and then it happened...LIFE! She was happily married, a couple kids, daily stress, etc. this caused her to become depressed and put on weight. She tried different workouts, gyms, etc. but nothing worked. Her best friend was in a challenge group like we offer and was seeing amazing results, so she decided take the leap of faith to join in too. Deanna credits her challenge group for keeping her on track and motivated. Her workout programs along with Shakeology keep pushing her to reach her goals and made this her lifestyle! She no longer takes medications, no longer drinks soda, and her doctor is pleased with her low blood pressure! This can be YOU too when you're ready to take a chance! What do you have to lose! Let me know if you want to join us too!!!

SIGN UP Have a Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

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