When Will You See Results?

When will you see results? Tomorrow? In a week? Well, this is going to vary from person to person, there are some general rules to go by when it comes to noticing all that hard work.

While there is no accurate timetable to seeing results you can generally feel results happening on day one. Are you sore? Results are coming. Are you hungry? Ditto. As your body adapts to exercise, you are making internal changes, meaning results are on the way. Your body will resist the change. That’s because its natural defense (law of homeostasis) is to protect the state it’s in, even if that state is unhealthy. Its response to this is to fight it with hormonal releases. How well it adapts varies with every single individual, which is why we are constantly advising people not to look at their scale all the time and, instead, trust measurements and pictures. Some people start seeing results in a few days. Others may take many weeks. And none of that matters because the healthy lifestyle will always win in the end. If you keep at it, train hard, and eat well, your body will—absolutely, as it has no choice—change over time. Stay consistent for long enough and you’ll look like a Greek statue. It’s a physiological law.

If you aren't seeing changes as soon as you'd like, take a look at your diet. Cut out all your simple carbs such as flour and sugar. Also avoid processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage, and hamburger. You also need to cut out 90% of your dairy. A small bowl of ice cream occasionally is fine, but try to eliminate most of your dairy.


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