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Who's Perfect Anyway?

Here's an objection I hear quite often when it comes to my Challengers wanting to do what I do. They say that they're not at their ideal weight yet! Many people think they have to be fit and perfect to lead challenge groups and help others get fit and healthy! They think that they have to be PERFECT ALL THE TIME! Here's the scoop! You don't need to be perfect! You don't need to workout all day long. You don't need to eat healthy all the time. There's no specific mold of a Coach. I'm here to tell you that I'm definitely 🔸NOT perfect!🔸 I don't workout everyday of the week. I do have cheat meal.....and cheat days!!! I do enjoy deserts and making cookies🍪! Although I love posting my workouts, I don't workout all day long. 💪 It's just 30-60 mins people! Lol 👉Coaching is not all about me anymore! Yes, it does help me "behave" and eat right most of the time! Coaching is about HELPING OTHERS reach their GOALS🔶! This is what matters most. If you care about health and fitness and enjoy helping others succeed, then this may be for you too! Maybe...maybe not. Who knows. Just don't think because you're not at your PERFECT WEIGHT and have already reached your goals, that this is something you should just forget about! We are a TEAM and welcome so many different backgrounds and that's what makes us so AMAZING!!! GO TEAM FIT LIFE!!!


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