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It's Not Just About the Destination. It's About the Journey!!!

I just came across this pic from a few months ago and I was just reminiscing about all the fun times I've had with my family over the past year! I am truly blessed to have so much love and support surrounding me every single day. Of course everything isn't always perfect. We have our ups and downs: Work stress, homework, kids fighting in the back seat of the car, arguments about the tornadoes that hit their bedrooms, the strange smells and noises from the backseat of our car LOL, complaints about what's for dinner, talking back, and just plain ole defiance, but I'm just thankful we all have each other! In the end, that's all that really matters.....FAMILY! There are so many people out there who just aren't as fortunate with their family situations. Maybe there's sickness, death, or families who just don't get along. Whatever it is, so many families struggle daily with ISSUES! My hope for 2016 is that everyone can find PEACE in their hearts and do whatever they can to make FAMILY A PRIORITY!!! May God Bless everyone in 2016! :)

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