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How to Get Motivated

1. Really make a commitment.

The absolute first step to gaining motivation is to sit yourself down and make a commitment. If you're not a naturally motivated person or want to be more motivated than you already are, it's not just going to happen out of thin air. Figure out what it is that you want extra motivation for and declare it. Maybe it's for working out or getting a promotion at your job or even just to get more accomplished throughout every day. I find that it helps to write your commitment down somewhere you will see it every day and frequently... either in a photo saved as the background of your phone or on a post it stuck to the mirror in the bathroom.

2. Figure out what specific changes that you need to make

One problem that you may have in finding motivation to do something is that your lifestyle and choices aren't setting you up for success. Consider what you made your commitment (in step 1). What roadblocks are currently in your way and how can you adapt and change your life to make it better? If you want to work out more, maybe you feel like you don't have enough time in the day. Waking up an hour earlier can help.

3. Set goals and keep track of them

Now that you've made a commitment and know what changes you need to make, it's time to hold yourself accountable. Goals are great motivators because there is something tangible to work towards. I suggest journaling your progress as it will provide documentation for your growth. It may even help you pinpoint where your weaknesses are so you can examine to see if you need to make more adjustments here and there.

4. Give yourself a head start

Have you ever accomplished something small and then felt a surge of excitement to do more? This happens to me all the time and is one of the reasons why I write even the smallest of tasks down on my to-do list. Crossing off one thing makes me much more motivated to tackle the next. If you really need a boost of motivation (maybe to finish a school project or get through your afternoon workout), try to accomplish one small thing that you've been meaning to do. Some examples: cleaning out your car, writing thank you notes, organizing your desk. Make sure the task is small enough where you don't feel burnt out afterward. The key here is to build momentum and use that as motivation to follow through.

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