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New Year's Fitness and Nutrition Group

::::::I am looking for 10 women who have 10-20 LBS or more to lose for THE NEW YEAR:::::::

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution that you want to achieve and do it right this time? Do you want to get healthy and strong for the New Year? Do you want to be ready for your bikini before Spring Break? Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin?

I am looking for women who are serious about making a change in their nutrition and fitness; making a lifestyle change. This group is designed for Mom's (Dad's welcome too) who need a solution at home and need support and accountability.

You will participate in a fitness program, and follow a dialed in eating plan. There will be no guess work.

I'm working with a group of amazing women who are seeing great results right now!

Please register with your email address.

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