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This brand new 30 day program is your chance to get back to the basics, cut through the everyday noise, and do what your body was born to do — run (or brisk walk). In just 30 days, we will help you discover the joy of running, build a strong, lean physique, and use that strength and stamina to take on a different kind of goal: completing a 5K. We will lead you through fast and effective resistance workouts followed by interval run training that pushes you for short bursts at a level that’s right for you, whether that’s a brisk walk, slow jog, or steady run.  Most weeks consist of 3 days of 20 min. run/walks and 5 days of weight training, but you can mix and match the calendar for your needs.

Please register below  so I can connect with you and send you more details about our Run Walk and Lift Test Group starting soon!