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Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

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These lateral squats are great for toning your outer thighs and quads. Bend your knees into a squat and take 2 side steps to the right and then 2 to the left.  Keep your body as low as possible without compromising your knees (don't let your knees go past your toes).  Continue this movement for 1 minute and repeat for a total of 3 sets.

This exercise is AMAZING for quad and hamstring strength and especially balance!  Standing on 1 leg, stagger your squats into 3 counts down and 1 count up.  Do this 10 times and then go straight into 10 quick pulses on the same leg.  Repeat on your other leg.  If you have a hard time balancing, you can place your opposite heel on the floor or hold onto a chair for stability.

Balance on your left leg and bring your right elbow up and to your left elbow.  Keeping your abs in tight, you should feel the work through your right obliques.  Do this movement for about 30 secs. and then try to balance even more by keeping your right foot from not touching the ground when you bring it down. Do this for 30 secs.  Switch and repeat on your other leg.

This exercise is called a Split Squat.  It is a full leg workout to tone and lean you out. It works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. All you need is a chair or a bench.  Do this 10 times on each leg and repeat for a total of 2 sets each leg.  

Tricep dips can be done with no equipment at all or you can place your hands on a stable bench or chair.  Bend your elbows while you drop your hips to the floor.  Now squeeze your tricep muscles while you straighten your arms and let them lift you back up off the ground.

Here's an exercise from Beachbody's Body Beast that you can do to work your obliques.  Get into a side plank, with your elbow on the floor inline directly under your shoulder.  Keep your abs in tight and raise your body up into a straight line and then lower back down almost all the way to the floor.  Repeat 15x and then switch to the other side.  Do this exercise 2 times on each side. 










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