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Christine lost 28 lbs in only 5 months and has transformed her body and her mind!

Christine is a nurse but wasn't practicing what she was teaching to her patients. Her mindset was her biggest challenge standing in her way! She just didn't think she could transform herself and was stuck at a dead end. 

When Christine joining a challenge group just like the ones I hold monthly, she felt like sheBELONGED to something bigger because she was surrounded with so many like-minded people with similar goals who gave her daily motivation, inspiration, and accountability! She was finally HAPPY again and satisfied with her family and her life!

Bonus.....Christine had asthma but after her first round of 21 Day Fix, she hasn't had any more problems at all with wheezing! 👍 Congrats Christine!!!










Before our Virtual Bootcamp, Kionna was a miserable, obese military wife. She was so used to eating Southern comfort food and didn't know how to break that cycle. 

Kionna is a busy mom of 3 small boys and was worried about not finding the time to fit in daily exercise. Since her program she used was only 25 mins a day, she figured what did she have to loose. 

In just 1 year, Kionna lost 100 lbs and can't believe how much energy, confidence, and motivation she now has. She is loving all the awesome complements she keeps getting too!!! Congrats Kionna for TRANSFORMING your life!!!


Michelle needed a change and began doing the 21 Day Fix. This program along with SHAKEOLOGY was the key to her success. It helped give her energy and also helped her food cravings. No more afternoon binge eating! She finally fit back into her pre-pregnancy clothes and she had all the energy she needed to PLAY with her kids 

Some extra added benefits Michelle encountered with Shakeology were her perfect blood pressure and cholesterol. 


Megan lost 48 lbs with our program. She is a mom who always felt tired and overweight. She became depressed and embarrassed about the way she looked. Megan finally decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. Now there's no stopping her and she will never go beck to her old way of life.​

Heather lost a whopping 100 lbs and it all began with the desire to change and take that chance with 21 Day Fix. She was extremely overweight and a smoker. When she was pregnant, her ex would tell her how disgusting she was and how he couldn’t believe someone like this was carrying his child. He would also burn her with his cigarettes daily. She would just lie in bed every night, and eat while she nursed her son and cry herself to sleep. 

Heather saw a post on social media from her friend who became a Beachbody Coach and got her health back. She contemplated it for 5 months and finally decided to JUST GO FOR IT! Heather signed up as a Coach and 21 Day Fix so she could make a difference in other people’s lives while she changed her own. 

Heather loved that the workouts all had modifications that would be done when extremely out of shape. She also loved that the meal plan was not a diet at all and all REAL FOOD! She used to drink so many energy drinks every single day in the past and all they would do was keep her awake at night but with no energy. She loves how SHAKEOLOGY gives her natural energy where she can get up at 5am, go to work, and take care of her 2 year old. 

Fast forward 9 months, and Heather has done a complete 180 with her life. She has a boyfriend who adores her for who she is, she is happy with life, and wakes up every morning with passion and drive. She contributes her success to the Team she was in for her online Challenge Group. The motivation and accountability helped Heather keep on going until she lost those 100 lbs. Congratulations Heather for an AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!!! 










Bree took the Beachbody Challenge and lost 40 lbs AND won $500! She is so excited that she can see the difference and also feel the difference. She now has so more confidence, more energy, toned arms, and sculpted shoulders.










I always hear people tell me, "I'm just big boned and don't have the right body type to be thin or even smaller!" That's CRAZY and this goes to show you that anything is possible with some hard work and dedication. She who wants it bad enough, can definitely get it!!!

Kristen lost 60 lbs in 12 months and completely TRANSFORMED her attitude and body! 

She used to smoke a half pack of cigarettes daily and drink on the weekends. She didn't even care about being healthy until one day it hit her. Her self image took a huge drop and she lived in baggy sweats and hated leaving her house. 

Kristen, a brand new mom, finally decided she wanted to start living life again. She took a leap of faith and joined an online fitness group with T25 and began drinking Shakeology. 

Finally, it all clicked and Kristen slowly slowly lost weight while gaining back her self confidence. She began feeling happy and healthy and also in control of her life again. Kristen credits Shakeology for her increased energy levels and clear, healthy looking skin (she struggled with acne her entire life). She and her husband both drink Shakeology daily and have never felt better mentally and physically.











Jon knew he was unhealthy, but he was at a loss for how to start changing his lifestyle. He was intimidated by longer workouts, and he didn’t want to fail before even starting. He heard FOCUS T25‘s workouts were only 25 minutes and decided to take the plunge. He lost 64 pounds in 20 weeks of FOCUS T25! Read his amazing story in his own words below:


"I was overweight and had unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol. My confidence was shot, my life was in shambles, and I was in danger of losing my family. Before FOCUS T25, I was stuck. In my mind, I was so far from where I wanted to be that I didn’t know where to begin. Just starting something was an overwhelming task.

I already owned INSANITY and enjoyed it, but the workouts were so long for me. I was scared of failing. The ironic thing is that by not even trying, by giving up and allowing myself to quit anything and everything that I had started, I was ensuring failure. Beachbody reminded me that falling is not failing. Not getting back up is failing! I was done with letting things happen. It was time to start taking control and making things happen!


I ordered FOCUS T25 and committed to it completely. It was even the first time in a long time that my wife and I worked together. We can all squeeze out 25 minutes a day. The modifiers are great in case I wasn’t able to do a move, but by the end of the BETA cycle of the program, I was on fire and ready to crush it!


I have lost over 60 pounds, but I think the biggest change has been in my attitude and confidence. As I started to see changes in my body, my mind responded. I am sober, happy, and healthy, and I feel like I have so much purpose. Beachbody has given me the confidence and desire that I had lost somewhere along the way! I am most proud of what I am teaching my family! Just because you are down, doesn’t mean that you are out! Rise up! If you give maximum effort, you are guaranteed victory!"











Virginia lost an Amazing 65 pounds with our program!!! Before joining us last year, she lived like a hermit crab and was too ashamed of herself to leave home. She knew she needed to change, but was scared of failure.

When Virginia's doctor warned her that she could have a heart attack by the age of 30, she knew it was time to make some changes.

Virginia began various programs and never put in more than 30 mins of exercise a day! This shows that it really can be done in limited time!!! Her life has completely transformed and now she has taken on so many new hobbies, made so many friends, and mainly because of her soaring self confidence and high energy levels.

Virginia credits Shakeology dor diminishing all her junk food cravings and so much more energy!

Laura is one hot momma now that she lost 30 pounds from one of our amazing programs! She's confident and feels like a million dollars!!! Can you believe she's 50???

Laura read somewhere how we lose an average of 5% muscle mass every 10 years after age 35 - unless we do something about it.

She was a little nervous about using weights for the first time, but the workout people in the DVD's made her feel comfortable and gave her the motivation she needed. She even told her husband that she was "working out with the guys"! Lol. Laura ❤️s the fact that she was achieving great results without a lot of cardio! Lifting weights changed her shape!!!











Meet Jessica, a Coach on our team and an INSPIRATION! What does she credit her weight loss to? 21 Day Fix and accountability from our fitness challenge groups!

Here's her story:

"12 MONTHS ago, I was 111 Pounds Heavier, a size 28, swollen, miserable and had NO energy! 
➡Today I have ENERGY, am 20 pounds from my goal weight, finally a size 8 and can fit in a Medium Shirt!"

I'm married with 1 kid who is a senior in high school. I am a nurse and a part time student. About 6 months ago I was really struggling with my weight and I knew I needed to make some changes in my life, but I didn't know where to begin. I was introduced to clean eating and Beachbody about 6 months ago and I haven't looked back. Beachbody, the accountability groups, and my coach have helped motivate me to stay on track and make healthy choices for me and my family! 
Here is a transformation picture of where I began 6 months ago and where I am now. I am down 50lbs and although I am still a work in progress, I have never felt better! 

Ashley lost 20 lbs in 60 days with our program. She was 12 weeks post partum and unhappy with her post-baby body. She lost her confidence and was unsure if she would get her pre-baby body back again.

Ashley was always tired and didn't think she could juggle, work, new baby, and her workout. She made time and now has so much more energy and confidence. She's a better, more present mom because of it.

Ashley realized that these results don't come from cardio alone. It takes a fitness that specializes in working specific muscles everyday along with a nutrition program that helps us make lifelong healthy habits.

What she loved most was her challenge group was that it was full of other busy, working moms who also make the time to get this done every day. The motivation helped a lot and kept Ashley on track to achieve her goals! Congrats Ashley!!! 

Meet Lauren!

"Same person- it's just a year has gone by...

But it's a happier, healthier, fitting-in-more-of my-closet person.... Who is a better example to her mini-me munchkins... 

Still make very bad choices 
Still enjoy parties, vacations, alcohol, desserts
Still fail often 
But never stop trying."

Because that's what it's about when you join us! You may fall off the wagon once and awhile and that's okay, we will always welcome you back to our team!!!

Lisa lost 38 lbs from our programs!!! She used to be depressed and had low energy all the time. She hurt so bad that sometimes she didn't even want to get out of bed.

Lisa losing her dad due to an unhealthy lifestyle, really inspired her to make the change she needed. 21 Day Fix helped her get lean and cut. She is now in the best shape of her life and she feels amazing!!!











Katie didn't need to lose a lot of weight, but after her 3rd baby, she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. She put everyone else's needs first and assumed she's was doomed to have a "mommy body" forever.

Katie loved to dance, so she decided to give CIZE a try. CIZE is a hip hop inspired cardio dance workout routine that makes exercise fun!!! Shawn T helps break down the moves in a way that anyone can master them.

Katie danced away 8 lbs in only 30 days and toned her body. All it took was this program that has an easy-to-maintain nutrition guide and the support of her challenge group.


This is uncharacteristic of me to post a pic of myself like this but I just wanted to give a shoutout to Jackie Kent for being my Beachbody coach and inspiring me for the past year to never quit and to keep pushing myself to achieve the results I wanted. I'm still a work in progress but I would have never had the courage to have come this far without you! I appreciate all you have done to help, encourage and support me along the way!

Devin, mother of 4, lost 27.7 lbs with a program that only takes 30 minutes a day!!! Devin found every excuse in the book not to get to the gym and not to eat healthy. She continues eating processed food everyday unfurl finally she had enough of it. Her friend invited her to go to Vegas and hang out by the pool. The thought of sitting poolside in a bikini made her sick, so she realized it was time to make a change.

This busy military wife with 4 kids barely had time to breath, let alone go to the gym. She really enjoyed the fact that she could workout at home everyday.

Fast forward to round 3 of the program, and Devin lost over 27 lbs. she was finally off of her anxiety meds and is beaming with confidence!!! When she's craving chocolate, she knows she can just throw together a Chocolate Shakeology. This is what has helped control her eating habits.


Deanna has turned her life around and kept it off over the past 18 months! She lost 33 lbs. and went down a size 14/15 to a size 2!

Deanna has always been thin and never had to workout when she was young and then it happened...LIFE! She was happily married, a couple kids, daily stress, etc. this caused her to become depressed and put on weight.

She tried different workouts, gyms, etc. but nothing worked. Her best friend was in a challenge group like we offer and was seeing amazing results, so she decided take the leap of faith to join in too.

Deanna credits her challenge group for keeping her on track and motivated. Her workout programs along with Shakeology keep pushing her to reach her goals and made this her lifestyle! She no longer takes medications, no longer drinks soda, and her doctor is pleased with her low blood pressure!

This can be YOU too when you're ready to take a chance! What do you have to lose! Let me know if you want to join us too!!!


Emily was overweight, unhappy with her body, and ate junk food daily! She had a family history or heart disease and knew it was time to get some help.

Being able to get her entire meal plan AND exercise in the comfort of her home is what helped Emily stay dedicated to our program. She did various Beachbody programs that included 21 Day Fix and PiYo and loved her results. She started drinking Shakeology and loved the energy it gave her along with reduced junk food cravings!

Emily had several people notice her weight loss in the beginning. She became so confident with her program and herself that she became a Coach too. She's now doing what I do by helping others get healthy and fit and healthy! What an awesome transformation Emily has had physically and mentally!!!! Congrats girl!

10 lbs doesn't seem like a lot, but check out this before and after!!! What a difference! Jana lost this weight in 60 days doing our program, Hammer and Chisel! Jana is a mom of 3 and so tired of making excuses for not going to the beach or pool. She was too ashamed of her body to wear a swimsuit.


Jana's biggest challenge was carving out enough time everyday to get in her daily workouts while juggling her full-time job and family. Jumping in a group like ours and seeing other moms getting it all done really motivated and encouraged Jana to keep on pushing play every day!

Lateisha lost 45 lbs in 5 months in one of our challenges! Lateisha gained the Freshmen "50" in college. She ate our way too much and made really bad choices. She was ashamed all the time and out of breath just walking to her classes.

Lateisha was so excited that this group was able to help her learn how to eat a balanced meal. It was a simple plan, but very effective!

She is proud to say she lost all that weight while being a full-time student! Lateisha's whole life has changed now. She is more active and confident in herself. The best part of all this is that she knows how to eat healthy now and can pass that knowledge on to her loved ones. 

Nicole lost 6.5 lbs and got shredded in 2 1/2 months with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology!

Nicole has always been petite and very athletic growing up. Once she got busy with life, school, and a career at 25, her health and fitness got put on the back burner. Her eating pattern was horrible.....only 1 meal a day. She had no energy and was always tired.

Nicole got introduced to 21 Day Fix and loved how it's not a diet. "It's a way to help you adapt to a certain lifestyle." She also loved how motivating the challenge group was. Everyone shared their recipes, funny workout pics, and also their struggles. This helped push herself to reach her goals.

Nicole is back to her old self again now. She's happy, energetic, and positive. She's even contemplating training for a bodybuilding competition!

Kim lost 9.6 lbs in only 26 days! She went on vacation and felt sluggish and bloated and was ready to make a change!

21 Day Fix EXTREME Kickstart, Shkeology, and 3-Day Refresh helped Kim reach her goals quickly! She now sleeps better at night and has so much more mental clarity!

Today's Facebook memory from 4 yrs ago compared to a few weeks ago. I was 131 lbs then and 119 now.

42 year old Sheryl lost 19 lbs in 42 days.

Her life before starting the program:
Sheryl's health was horrible. She ate junk food all day, had no energy, and couldn't sleep. Her teenage children were also forming horrible habits and this was Sheryl's wake-up call. She didn't want to see them suffer too.

Sheryl's biggest challenge:
What she thought would be her biggest challenge was her addiction to sugar and junk food. Within only 2 days of the program, her body responded well and she completely changed the way she thought about food. Sheryl actually started craving healthy food!

Sheryl's life has completely changed now that her health has improved and she lost weight with the program! Her family's health and fitness level have improved significantly as well! Thanks to Sheryl's accountability group and step-by-step instructions, the group was a huge success for her!!!

Erin, age 50, lost 85 pounds!!! Erin struggled with weight issue since her teen years. Stress and family issues as an adult made her turn to food for comfort and it got out of control. Erin was embarrassed to be seen in public.

Erin finally realized that a "diet" wasn't going to work. She needed a lifestyle change in order to be successful. She began 21 Day Fix and was pleasantly surprised that she didn't have to starve herself and avoid the foods she really likes.....such as cheese!

The workouts in this program made it fun easy to fit in everyday since they're only 30 minutes long! She loved seeing her body transform so quickly!!! After a couple months, Erin bumped it up to 21 Day Fix EXTREME. Her muscle growth and weight loss exploded with that program!

Erin dropped from a size 20 to a size 4? She now has tons more energy, she doesn't crave junk food, and she has a healthy relationship with food. Most importantly, Erin is now an amazing role model for her daughter, who is also much healthier now.
Congrats Erin on your new healthy lifestyle that is here to stay!!!

Kimberly's problem area that she really wanted to work on was her belly. She and her family loved food, but unfortunately had a habit of turning to the unhealthy stuff. 21 Day Fix helped teach Kimberly and her kids how eating healthy is easy and t actually can taste good too.

What Kimberly loves most about this program is that the workouts are short and easy to fit into her busy schedule. Everyone has 30 mins. a day, right? She also loved how much energy she has everyday thanks to drinking Shakeology. She even sleeps better at night too.

Congrats Kimberly for committing to your challenge group and making it happen!!!

Ginette lost 56 pounds in 9 months and has completely turned her life around!!

Before Ginette got pregnant, she has always been an athlete. She used pregnancy as an excuse to overindulge in fatty foods. She finally had enough and after her baby was born, she tried working out with our fitness program from home. She no longer had the 1 1/2 hours she could dedicate to the gym everyday, but she was pleasantly surprised that you don't need that long to get a great workout. You can do it in 30 mins a day!!!! 

Ginette is happy to announce that not only did she lose the weight, but she has gained back her cardio and strength, managed to lose Jost of her "belly pouch", and can proudly wear shorts!!!!

Jessica started her health journey around Thanksgiving last year! She has always been overweight, even as a child. When she hasn't lost her baby weight last year, she decided it was time for a change!

Jessica was a busy mom and nurse and she never thought she's have time to follow a meal plan and do the workouts. She was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to stream the workouts from her iPad or iPhone. This was definitely beneficial while chasing around an active toddler. Jessica was also surprised by how quick and easy the meals are to make everyday!

Being held accountable by her Challenge Group helped keep Jessica motivated to stay on track with her program! We require everyone to check in daily with their workout and nutrition and that helps a lot!!!

Jessica never thought she would be in the best shape of her life after having a baby, but she is. She has been taught how to live a healthy lifestyle that easily fits into her life as a wife, mom, and RN.
Congrats Jessica!!

Tamarah lost 40 lbs. with our Challenge! She was formerly so busy with work and the kids, that she didn't even step on the scale when her clothes got tighter. She turned to sweatpants for her daily wardrobe.

She finally decided to step up and do something about it. With our Challenge, she learned what to eat, great new recipes, and she also learned to fit in exercise! It was only 30 mins. a day....anyone can find that time, right?

Tamarah's Challenge Group held her accountably each and every day and that's what's so important when life just gets in the way sometimes. She now has so much more energy, her clothes fit amazing, and she lives a much healthier lifestyle! Congrats again, girl!

We are looking forward to lots more of these transformations in the New Year! Let me know if anyone else wants to join us!

Sarah lost a whopping 82 lbs with our Challenge Groups between January and October! Now that's quite a New Years Achievement!!! 

Sarah had so much negativity and loss of confidence, that she struggled to get out of bed everyday. She fought for energy just to keep up with her 2 toddlers!

Being a stay-at-home busy mama, Sarah wanted a fitness and nutrition program she could do from home. She wanted guidance and accountability and that's where our Challenge Groups fit in perfect with her lifestyle!

Sarah was a picky eater and addicted to sugar that she never even thought a program like this would work for her.  Shakeology and her new healthy eating plan made it so much easier than she ever thought possible. Her group of ladies supported and encouraged her so much that it pushed her to achieve her goals. 

Congrats Sarah for creating a new Lifestyle for you and your family! 

Amanda lost 71.6 lbs. with a variety of our workout and Shakeology in only 10 months!

Amanda is a mom of 2 and had the hardest time dropping the weight after baby #2. She worked full time, ran around with her older son's sporting activities, took care of her newborn, and just let herself go. She made poor food choices and exercise was nowhere in her vocabulary. She had no energy, hated the way she looked, and never wanted to be in pictures.

Amanda was ready to make a change because diabetes runs in her family and especially because she and her husband had a cruise to look forward to last august! She got hooked up with a Challenge Group like ours and she finally began making changes in her life she was so happy that there was no counting calories, no counting points, and she was able to eat REAL food. She also loved that her workouts were only 39 minutes a day and great for a beginner. Her online group made it easier for her thanks to all of the amazing support of everyone working towards similar goals!

Amanda has now completed 6 of our workout programs since then and loves that she can take them with her on business trips to do in her hotel room. She went from a size 14 to a 4, lost over 70 lbs, and 53 inches!!!! She has made this a new lifestyle and looks forward to working out everyday and eating healthy is the norm for her now!! Congrats Amanda!!!

If you start now in January, this could be YOU by next October! Morgan lost 80 lbs with our programs and Shakeology and has never looked or felt better in her entire life! The best thing is that it's not just a diet or a quick's maintainable! Congrats Morgan!!!

Kelly lost 21 lbs. with a variety of our Beachbody fitness program and Shakeology. She felt awful about her body and lacked self-confidence. She even got warn out doing simple activities like climbing stairs. She was determined to set a healthy example for her children.

Thanks to our amazing nutrition plan, Kelly changed her eating habits and finally got away from all fast foods and packaged foods. In the past, she always looked for quick diet solutions She realized this is a lifestyle change! Kelly learned to fix healthy meals that are also family-friendly!

Kelly's favorite part of the workouts was that they were short and fun. Only 30 mins a day! It made the time fly by!

Kelly is now so much more positive, happier, and such an amazing role model for her friends and family! Congrats Kelly!!!

Danays lost 31 lbs in 105 days with our fitness program and drinking Shakeology! Now this here is the healthy way to lose weight, people!!! 👍I see some people want to lose it all in the first month and THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE if you want to do it the healthy way and maintain it!!! 

Before this program, Danays would do crash diets and starve herself! She finally wanted results that would last and she wanted a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! This is where our nutrition and fitness program came into play. It was maintainable for her and she didn't feel deprived of foods. She claims she is actually losing weight eating more food than before beginning the program. It's all about the 80/20 rule and having balance! 

Desiree lost 22 lbs. AND she's rocking a 6-pack from completing our program!!! She was falling into deep depression because she was too overwhelmed with life and too busy to take care of herself. Finally, Diseree jumped on board with a group like ours! She loves that the workouts are short, the meal plan was easy to follow, affordable, and that every single day was something different.

Desiree has never felt more confident with so much energy! She can compete tasks like walking up and down the stairs with laundry without getting winded anymore.

When asked what she is most proud of, here is what Desiree said. "I am the most proud of my abs! I've never had able like I do now!!!"

This mama lost 83 lbs. in 1 1/2 years with a Dance workout program that focuses on cardio with Ab work!!! What really was the breaking point for Brandi was when she and her son went to ride go-karts and she needed a seatbelt extender! She was embarrassed and ashamed and knew it was time to change! 


Brandi doesn't get bored and looks forward to her workouts! She even has her 4 year old son dancing along with her!    She now has so much energy and self-confidence and she is living life to the fullest!


Congrats on so much amazing success, Brandi! You are a great role model to your son and everyone in your life! 

This is Caroline... and does she not look AMAZING?!!   Like many of us, she had gained a little weight and wanted something to help her lose it. She lost 9.8 pounds and 3 inches with the same program I just started this week!! She said, "I like that I can lift, add muscle, and get shredded in just 60 days. I have never felt as strong and in control as I did using The Master's Hammer and Chisel."

For someone who was always the "fat kid of the family" and obese with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and borderline type 2 diabetic, Sara did what takes to turn her life around!!!

Here's what was Sara's breaking point. She was engaged and went wedding dress shopping. Nothing fit her and she was humiliated! She made sure all the pictures we taken from the front because the back wouldn't even zip up! That night, she decided to take the leap of faith and do a Challenge Group!

Sara started off with our 25 min. workouts. She got sick and took lots of breaks, but she didn't quit. She lost 10 lbs the first month and this was the motivation she needed to keep going. She saw results and her friends and family noticed too! Sara had the confidence to keep pushing for almost 2 years until she lost over 100 lbs!!! This was and is a journey for her and something she will continue daily throughout her life.

The biggest achievement to Sara isn't the pounds she lost. It's the confidence she gained!!!! 

Sara credit the accountability of groups like ours for keeping her on track. She also is a firm believer in Shakeology! She immediately saw improvements in her energy and how it kept her satisfied.

Tracy lost 51 lbs. with a variety of our workouts, nutrition plan, and drinking Shakeology for 12 months! The before pic here was Jan. 2016 and the after was Dec. 2016.

Tracy used to be super active until her desk job kept her sedentary. She drank coffee with sugar and creamer all day, snacked too much, and yo-yo dieted several times. She reached her heaviest weight of 175 lbs and her son was also putting on excess weight. She decided it was time to make an Extreme change!

Our programs made it easy for Tracy to meal prep and plan. All she had to do was follow simple instructions. Drinking Shakeology daily helped her keep he sweet tooth in check and plus it made her feel amazing. The yummy taste was a dessert for her! :)

Tracy has lost all this weight and gained total self-confidence, she feels more energetic, she's more toned, and has more muscle definition than she has ever had in her life.

Ruth is a busy mama and never had time to for the gym or running! She actually did this program everyday while the kids napped! Here's what she said!

"I am a mommy to three kiddos, and I nanny 12 hrs a day for amazing little 2 year-old twins. I have very little spare time in my day, but every day, at nap time, I decided to work out. My husband is still deployed and coming home soon! This is crunch time! In his deployment, I have lost 36 lbs and I can't wait to see my husband's face!"

I'm so excited for this girl and this is the program I am also exercising with right now so this makes me super happy!!! Way to get it done Ruth and we can't wait to see your husband's face!!!

Melissa lost 109 lbs with a variety of our workouts and our nutrition plan!!!

"I was the unhealthiest and unhappiest that I have ever been! I have struggled with my weight for over a decade and it hit an all time high after I gained 70+ lbs during my pregnancy. I was 233 lbs post c-section and had no idea how I was going to lose 100 lbs. I thought healthy was portioned frozen dinners and fat free, low calorie foods. I turned to food to hide from my problems. I had zero respect or belief in myself. Before I started this journey, I’d spend an hour trying on everything I owned and then I’d cry because I hated how I looked in everything. It was hard to be intimate with my husband. It was hard to dress professionally for work since I was still wearing maternity clothes long after having a baby. I couldn’t even carry the car seat and diaper bag upstairs without being tired and out of breath."

Melissa has been dedicated for 3 years now and completely turned her life around for the best! Not only did she lose all that weight, but went from a size 24 to a size 2 and lost over 90 inches! She has enough energy to chase her toddler around for hours and she actually can now say that she loves herself!  Melissa now totally respects herself and makes herself proud!

49 year old Shannon lost 16.5 lbs. with our workout program and nutrition plan! She wished more women would drop the fear of "bulking up" and realize that building muscle is their answer. "If you have parts that jiggle, and you want to firm up -- lift weights!"


Shannon drank too much alcohol, gained 15 lbs, and felt tired all the time. She was at the point of despair, frustration, and fear about where her life was heading. She was not who she wanted to be.


When Shannon decided to totally quit drinking alcohol and eating healthy and clean, for the first time in her life, she became empowered. This particular strength training program she did made her muscles pop and for the first time ever she liked the way her legs looked.


Shannon used to be a "gym rat" and she thought she'd miss the camaraderie you get at the gym. The online challenge group atmosphere gives us all so much more personal supper and accountability from others who are in similar journeys. 


"I am a mother of twin 9-year-old girls, and my weight affected my entire life. I could not run, and I had no self-confidence. Self- doubt and fear were my biggest obstacles!"


Jennifer lost 77 lbs in 1 year with our online fitness groups! She learned proper nutrition and incorporated a specific exercise program into her life that was only 22-30 mins a day!! She began the workouts flowing the modifier and then slowly began to improve with each workout!


Not only did the scale and inches lost make Jennifer happy.....there's so much ore to it! "I am proud of the fact that when I now eat a meal, I know the proper amount of food to eat. I am proud that I do not crave sugar and sweets constantly anymore!!! I am also proud of the fact that I have muscles!!! I remember stretching in bed right when I woke up one morning, and I felt my side, and it was hard!! And I was like OMG!!! I have a side ab muscle!!! I am proud of the fact that my body is smaller and tighter. I am proud of the fact that I can now go horseback riding with my twin 9 year old daughters and not worry about if I weigh too much to ride a horse! I am proud that I can run in the yard with my kids, that I can walk up stairs and not be out of breath, that I have better balance, stamina, that I can bend down and tie my shoes and not be red in the face!!! I am proud that I am able to live and enjoy my life!"

Jacqueline Lost 70 lbs. just in time for her 40th Birthday!!!

Here's what Jacqueline has to say about our Challenge Groups and how they helped her reach her goals!

"It’s just so convenient and easy! I stream my workouts at home, on vacation, at hotels, at friends’ homes, out in the garden… wherever! I get to try out programs, see which ones I love, then print out the calendar and nutrition guide to follow… This didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t start off easy; it’s a process, and it takes work, but it does work! It’s even more motivating when you start to see the work pay off. After a few weeks of workouts, I noticed that I had a feeling of strength and energy that I never had before. People started noticing the change, and commenting, which made my self-confidence grow. Within a year, I hit a goal which I thought was ‘unattainable.’ I just turned 40 in the best shape of my life. It has improved my relationship with my three children, who see their mommy exercising every day, full of life and energy. It has also improved my relationship with my husband, who has started a journey of his own!

Lindsay lost 22 lbs with our online fitness program!

“I am proud to say that if am now in the best shape of my life!!!!!! I am more toned than I’ve ever been. I don’t even recognize my back-side in the mirror!!”

New mom, Nicole, was desperate to lose weight! She developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and that out he at a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later on.  Feeling sluggish, unhappy, and self-conscious, Nicole didn’t know what to do. Years of fad dieting never brought her any success, and the she thought the only way to lose the weight was to drastically cut calories and cut out all carbs — NOT a sustainable path!

Nicole was spiraling downhill until she decided to give our program a try. She learned how important portion control is to correcting her old habits. She lost 10 lbs in the first 21 days and decided to stick with it to see what happens.

Nicole used her living room as her “exercise room” and streamed our workouts all online. She was a busy full-time working mama, and she managed to fit in her workouts everyday either early in the morning or late at night. Over time, it became a habit and a new lifestyle change!

One year later, Nicole went to the dr for her routine exams and got some great news!!! Not only did she lose 58 lbs, but she was no longer a risk for diabetes!!

Getting healthy affected her entire life with so much positive results. She has so much more energy, sleeps better, has better relationships with her friends and family, she no longer hides at parties. She is self-confident and here’s the best thing....she no longer obsesses over what she’s going to eat or what weight what loss trick she should try next!

Sara lost 97 inches and 105 lbs in 16 months!

No quick-fix diet, no tricks, or gimmicks!! Sara joined our online fitness groups and learned how to make healthy meals, worked out consistently, and reached out to others for support!

I get it....the thought of having to lose a lot of weight can be intimidating, daunting, and scary. But just like Sara, you CAN do it!!! You just have to start!!!

We will be enrolling in a couple weeks for our next Online Fitness Group. Whether you have 5 lbs to lose, or 20, or even 100, we are all on a similar Journey!

Check out Victoria Jaime's progress pics! 3 month, 35.5 pounds gone, 34 inches lost, and 3 pant sizes down with our program!!! She also added in walking and bike. That is fantastic progress Victoria, I'm so proud of you. All it takes is little dedication & a willingness to change.

Test Group Shoutout!!! It’s been 6 weeks already since the Test Group completed our 80 Day Fitness Challenge, which just seems crazy but I’m still so proud of everyone’s hard work. How great are Julie's results?! She was already in good shape when she started but what a difference 80 Days makes. 80 days of pushing her physical strength, 80 days of focused/timed nutrition, 80 days of self care and BOOM, SHREDDED, CONFIDENT, and even more focused in her life. These results can be yours too. Our 80 Day Fitness Group launches on Jan 13th. Are you a member? Join us now and start preparing for the challenge.

I know a lot of you have already told us you are planning on doing the new Abs and Booty program when it comes out in January, but we are trying to get a count of who wants to do it. There are various options for this new program, so we want to make sure we get you all the relevant info! 
These are the results from a fellow coach friend, Meghan, who was in the test group for it! Comment below if you are planning on doing it with us or want some more info!

More amazing results are coming in from our Test Group! Check out this Before and After 80 Days later! Oh ya!!! Love it!!! The program is finally out today to pre-order for the New Year! Let us know if you want the details! 

You can also register here:

Day 1 and Day 80!!! REAL results from our Test Group!!! We have our first official New Year's Kickoff with this same program beginning next week! Be sure to reach out to me if you still want in!!!

**This is not a quick fix or starvation diet! It's eating REAL foods and making it a lifestyle that's totally maintainable and family-friendly!

41 year old Robin has some amazing results so far with our online program! She is on day 38 and lost 16 lbs and 18” so far! 

Stacey is 45 years old and here are her results so far with our 80 day online bootcamp!  She's not even half way done and check out her progress already! 

DAY 1 vs DAY 44


"I don’t know what the scale difference is since starting round 2 BUT I see & FEEL AMAZING!!!!


It’s truly incredible what our bodies are capable of doing when trusting the process &&& PUTTING IN THE WORK!!!"


Congrats Stephanie on all your hard work and dedication! It totally shows!!!!

Carla only lost 6 lbs, but check out these amazing results in just 2 months! She is gaining lean muscle and transforming her body!!! Like I always stress to you guys, this is what is most important! 

Check out Danielle's progress with our program!! Down 13 inches after 2 months of this program and helllllo ABS!! 

"It’s not just about restriction and losing weight. It’s not even just about building muscle and toning. It’s ALL about changing your lifestyle and habits in a healthy HAPPY WAY! It’s all about honoring God with your journey and recognizing that through discipline comes incredible FREEDOM!"

Kelly lost 20 lbs between Day 1 and Day 57 of our current program!

Please give some love to our girl Ali from our Test Group! 
She is rocking her new fitness journey and the proof is in the pics!

“What an amazing journey! I lost 27 pounds and 25.75 inches. I have 8 children ranging from 4 to 13 years old, all singles, my last a c-section. I work full time as a leader in a OB clinic. I’ve always made excuses for the weight, specifically the time factor. If you could imagine my life is pretty busy. But honestly I was tired of the extra weight and constantly being tired. I committed and changed my life. I feel amazing, mentally and physically. This is an amazing program that I will do again and again, and hopefully help some people on the way.”

We are so proud of how far you’ve come!!!

So proud of my Teammate and co-worker/Fitness Coach, Tara!!! She is one sexy mama for sure!!! Check out these results after just 80 days of our Fitness Program! You ROCKED it for sure, girlie!!!

"The scale hasn’t budged but the muscle has! Yeah bootay! I’ll take that a$$ for an almost 43 year old mom of two! 

Jaci lost 9.5 inches overall!! She didn’t follow the meal plan to a T but still loving results so far!! These AMAZING workouts really do work!!!!

Screenshot 2019-06-04 17.16.13.png

Megan Lost 96 Pounds in 17 Months!!

Some people can recall that exact “lightbulb moment” when they made a life-changing decision.  For Megan, that moment came after years of seeing the scale going up and down and struggling to find a fitness and weight-loss option that worked for her.

Megan said, "I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, and after college, I gained a lot of weight.  I knew right then and there that I needed to do something about my body and health. I needed to commit and be dedicated to fitness, not just for me but for my loved ones."

Megan credits our virtual workouts to be a major key to m her success. With three children, it was hard to get to the gym and work out. Now I can do my workouts from anywhere. No more driving to the gym!

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 11.34.13 AM.png

Looking great Kristen! Kristen showed up consistently with our newest 645 Program that incorporates 30-minute workouts paired with 15-minute mobility stretches, 6 days a week .

The movements are beginner-friendly and targets key muscles to make a lasting impact on both your functional athleticism and your health goals.

Want in on a similar transformation? 


Looking great Kristen! Kristen showed up consistently with our newest 645 Program that incorporates 30-minute workouts paired with 15-minute mobility stretches, 6 days a week .

The movements are beginner-friendly and targets key muscles to make a lasting impact on both your functional athleticism and your health goals.