All-Inclusive Beachbody OnDemad Challenge Pack

Access to our Accountability Groups for the 

Year with Jackie.

Now Only $160 this month!

Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack

Beachbody announced that on starting on December 27th, I will now have an "all-inclusive" 

Beachbody On Demand Challenge PAck to share with everyone.  This package will be a YEARLY 

MEMBERHSHIP to literally everything....and yes, I mean EVERYTHING!  This all-inclusive package 

is by far the best deal  I have ever seem.  

What's included with the all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand Package?

You'll see that when I say "all inclusive", I really mean all-inclusive....

So, with this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand Package, you will receive:

  • All Access VIP Pass to Beachbody On Demand.

When you get this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package, you will receive instant access

to everything Beachbody On Demand has to offer. This means you will be able to stream every

workout program Beachbody has ever launched.  Top named programs like 21 Day Fix, P90X, Insanity, PiYo, Body Beast, CIZE, Hammer and Chisel, Country Heat, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Core De Force, Focus T25, and many many more will be available in your Beachbody On Demand Library, which you can access and stream from your smart phone, laptop, tablets, smart TVs, etc.  

So, let's say you want to do 21 Day Fix for 3 weeks, then try PiYo or Core De Force.  No will be able to do all of the programs whenever you want!

  • Access to future workout programs Beachbody will be launching.

This is a great part of this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package. So, not only do you get instant access to every single workout program Beachbody has ever launched, but you will also get full access to every single upcoming workout program Beachbody plans to launch. And trust me, Beachbody plans on releasing more workouts in 2017. When you order this Beachbody On Demand all-inclusive package, any new workout program that Beachbody launches will be automatically uploaded to your Beachbody On Demand Library at no additional cost to you! How amazing is this? Any new workout moving forward from Beachbody, you will get full access to it as soon as it’s available and at no additional cost. Just refresh your Beachbody On Demand Library and BOOM, it will be uploaded and ready to stream!

  • Your first month of Shakeology.

Remember, nutrition is key. Personally, my Shakeology has been my breakfast  or mid-morning snack for years! Nothing better to start your day off with a high dose of quality nutrients. Included in this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package, you will receive your first month’s supply of Shakeology, any flavor or combo flavor pack you want. Start your journey off on the right foot, not only with your fitness, but also with your nutrition. What an amazing deal this is, too… when you think about what you’re receiving with this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package when it comes to the workouts, the package also includes a full month’s supply of Shakeology, which alone is a $129 value. So yeah, some serious savings here!

  • Access to every Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan.

Yes, you heard me right. Every single nutrition guide and meal plan Beachbody has ever released will be yours to access, save, print off, use, etc. Let’s face it, usually the number one reason why people fall off the wagon with their nutrition is because they can’t find a meal plan that best suits their lifestyle. Whether the meal plan is too complicated, or too boring, or too repetitive, or too complex, many people fail because they lose interest in their nutrition plan. Now with this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package, you will have access to dozens and dozens and dozens of meal plans and nutrition guides, so there will be plenty of options to find one that best fits you and your goals.. or take bits and pieces from your favorites to customize one satisfies your needs.

  • 21-day Fix Portion Control Containers and Shakeology Shaker Cup.

Let’s make this even better and even easier to help you see results. Included in your all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package, you will receive the complete 21-Day Fix portion container set to help you with your meal planning and nutritional commitment. As you will see with many of the newer Beachbody workout programs that you will have access to, they are switching their meal plans over to follow a similar approach like the 21-Day Fix’s meal plan. So these containers will come in handy and be used in many of the meal plans you will now have access to.


  • Access to our online Accountability Group for additional daily support.

Well, now that you literally have everything you need for an entire year to see amazing results, the only missing piece of the puzzle is a 24/7/365 support system. Why try to do this alone when you don’t have to? So this is why I am inviting you to join our online accountability group. This will be a great resource to use each day if you have questions, need support, need a boost of motivation or just need a place to stay accountable with your goals. You will work with me daily as we both strive toward our fitness goals – together!


  • Become a Beachbody Coach for free.

Think about the boost of accountability and motivation you’ll have if you decide to become a Beachbody Coach with this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package. When you order the package, you will have the ability to waive your business launch fees, so becoming a Beachbody Coach will be free. If you’re going to go for it and commit to this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package and have all the workout programs at your finger tips for the next 365 days, becoming a Beachbody Coach for some added motivation and accountability, for free, might be a great thing to consider. Whether you use it as self-motivation or perhaps you plan on sharing your commitment and progress to inspire people around you to do it with you, becoming a Beachbody Coach is a great step forward. Plus, don’t forget, Beachbody Coaches receive 25% of their future purchases, which could be helpful for your future Shakeology orders. Discounts on your Shakeology is a huge plus!

Wow. What a package!
Seriously, soak this in… you’ll notice that it adds up to over $6,000 in workout programs alone. But you’re getting this for only $199 for the entire year. That’s it, $199 and you’ll be set.

It’s impossible to sit there and say this isn’t an absolutely unbelievable deal. No-brainer, right? Wow, how times have changed. I remember I bought 21 Day Fix 2 years ago for $160, just for that one workout. Now, you can access every workout program Beachbody has launched and will be launching in the future, all their meal plans and nutritional guides, PLUS a month of Shakeology for only $199. Crazy, right?!

It’s basically a year membership to the best “online gym”, whenever and wherever you want. So now do you believe me? I told you, when I say “all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand Package”, I really mean all-inclusive.

Sound awesome?!
If so, this all-inclusive Beachbody On Demand package will be available for those I coach and on my website here (  Please click the button below to join us!



If you want me to shoot you the information personally so you don’t forget, simple message me on Facebook or email ( and we can connect.
If you have any additional question about it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.
This by far is the best deal Beachbody has ever released!!!