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The Anatomy of a Plank

Planks have a few different variations! The most thing you need to remember here is good form and allignment.


Here are some quick pointers for Basic Hand and Forearm Planks:

* Be sure your hands or elbows are directly under your shoulders

* Your focus should be a few inches in front of your hands, so don't drop your head down or look up high  

* Keep your abs pulled in nice and tight the entire time

* Squeeze your quads  and butt nice and tight and keep your butt inline with your body by not lifting it up high or dropping it down low

The goal here is to have a perfect line from your head to your heels.  If you're new at this, have a friend, your spouse, or your kids look at your form to be sure you are in proper allingment or plank next to a mirror and turn your head to the side to be sure everything looks good.  Sometimes our form fails when we get tired, so just be self-conscious of form the entire time.

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