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Our next Virtual Dance Party Kicks off on June 7!  You will have exact workouts to follow daily on a calendar and our group you will be in helps encourage everyone daily.  These workouts are 30 mins a day and 6 days a week, and great for all fitness levels!  There is a variety of dancing, cardio toning, and weight lifting, so you will get a great variety in this 30 day program!  

If you want to join us, please register here and I'll send you all the details:


Welcome to the Bar!


Barre Program Online

* Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity, and high-energy workout program
* Elise Joan, our newest Super Trainer, has created the perfect fusion of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training, designed to help you burn fat and create a lean, toned body.
*  it’s 30–40 minutes a day
* 5 days a week
* 60 day program
* Daily Motivation Cards to help us all work on our mindset as well as our body!
* No ballet barre needed! Just light weights are needed & resistance loops can be used to increase intensity!

Here's a video if you would like to watch the style of moves:

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